BN International, s.r.o.
Křenkova 283, 552 03 Česká Skalice

Central contact information

Tel.: +420 491 401 501  |  E-mail:

Identification number

Company ID: 45539421
Tax ID: CZ45539421

Customer service

Bc. Jana Fidlerová

Phone: +420 491 401 582

Purchasing department

Štefan Ležovič

Phone: +420 491 401 570

Sales Representative

Roman Věžník

Phone: +420 724 864 829

Where to find us

 BN INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o., Křenkova 283, 552 03 Česká Skalice

Contact us

Do you have a question? Write us

Call us at +420 491 401 501

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