Wide use of book cloth

While manufacturing our products, we use various textile finishing processes such as dyeing, impregnation, coating, lacquering, calendering, laminating, embossing and formatting.

In addition to our standard product groups, we can also offer other types of technical fabric finishing. For example, we have experience in the production of canvases for digital and offset printing or in the antiviral and antibacterial treatment of fabrics.

Book cloth

Laminated book cloths

  • Characterised by a pleasant feel and bright colours
  • Suitable for bookbinding, luxury cardboard boxes and gift bags
  • Savanna, Imperial - viscose fabric, EcoVERO fibre
  • Netral, Coloret - cotton, linen, natural look
  • Ottawa - FSC - viscose and paper
Book cloth

Coated book cloths

  • Characterized by high resistance (abrasion, folding)
  • Suitable for binding books, catalogues
  • Mondial - heavy-weight coated book cloth suitable for the library industry
  • New Jersey - widely usable book cloth with jeans effect or uni shade variants
  • Louisiana - coated laminated book cloth with metallic effect
Book cloth

Printable book cloths

  • Printable book cloths (white) are suitable for offset printing, flexo printing, digital printing
  • Savanna offset
  • Imperial offset board – book cloth with higher basis weight
Book cloth

Canvas dimensions and weight

  • Book cloths are normally produced in rolls from 100 cm to 142 cm wide and in lengths from 30 m to jumbo rolls
  • According to the customer's requirements, we are also able to supply book cloths in other widths, lengths, cut sections or rolls
  • The basis weight of our canvases ranges from 110 g/m2 to 380 g/m2

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