About the Company

We are a global leader in a book cloth production

Our company has more than a century long history of finishing technical fabrics. Our company has more than a century long history of finishing technical fabrics. Our product range consists of book cloth, textile and paper covering material for passport covers and backing fabrics for abrasives.

We are part of BN International, a Dutch group manufacturing coated bookbinding papers and designer wallpapers.


Company History

More than 100 years of tradition

After the Second World War, the original fabric dyeing plant became a part of the Tepna concern and production of starch book cloth and later collar liners was started here. In 1993, the company was privatized and named Platex, s.r.o. In 1995, Platex has been acquired by the Dutch group BN International, to which it belongs to this day. In 2015, the company name has been changed to BN International, s.r.o.

The last 20 years have seen the intensive development of new products in all product groups, and now our company belongs to the world's leading manufacturers with all of its products.

Market Presence

Customers around the world

We offer and sell our products all over the globe. We supply products for the production of book cloths via the distributors of printing materials. 

We supply coated passport cover material and abrasive backing cloths directly to the manufacturers of these products.


We are eco-friendly

  • We use mainly cotton and viscose fabrics for our products
  • We behave responsibly, we manage energy consumption
  • We are working towards the reduction our carbon footprint
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