Abrasive cloth backing

Design and size

  • Our company offers various types of abrasive cloth backings depending on the final purpose of their processing. We use cotton, polyester and blends thereof for our production.
  • Depending on the final product, our cloths have varying degrees of stiffness, basis weight, chemical resistance. We normally produce widths up to 220 cm. The products are delivered in jumbo rolls to our customers.
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Abrasive cloth backing

Use of abrasive backing

  • All our abrasive cloth backings are produced in close cooperation with our customers and with regard to their needs. The final output are belts of various widths (1 cm - 1 m), flapdisks, shop rolls, mops and other tools.
  • In general, abrasive cloths can be used for grinding metal, wood, glass, polishing of stone or varnish and for deburring


Feel free to contact us with any further questions about abrasive cloth backing and its processing.

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